Lynn Austin

Dear Readers,
Lynn Austin’s newest book is here. Yeah! I so enjoy her books, they are just really good stories. Whether a contemporary tale or one set in Biblical times, they are all very good and interesting.
In Until We Reach Home, Lynn writes about 3 sisters that head for America to get away from an Uncle who is to friendly with the oldest one. Elin can think of no other way to keep her sisters safe from him. She can’t share her secret with them as they will think less of her and may not even believe her.
Kristen is also keeping a secret. One that may keep her from getting into America and there is nothing for her to go back to. On the eve of their leaving, Tor, her true love tells her that he will never be able to marry her because of her family history.
Sophia doesn’t want to leave their family home. Mom and Dad are buried there and their older brother has moved to Stockholm. Why would anyone want to leave the farm?
Secrets kept and later reveled. This novel is about family, about love and truth. It is one that is well woven together and paints a beautiful picture of what life was like for the new immigrants coming to America. It wasn’t streets of gold and picture prefect, but yet it was still a new start for people who needed it.
I can easily say that if you like Lynn’s books you will love this one also. I was hooked right away, even if some of it was easy to guess what was coming next. It is not a complicated book, but a great story. Take time out of your busy schedule and relax and enjoy a wonderful read.

Happy Reading


One thought on “Lynn Austin

  1. I was blessed to hear Lynn speak recently and I wanted to add that she is a writer committed to serving God’s plan through her writing. She spoke fervently on the importance of seeking out what God wants you to do, and then when you know what it is to clear your schedule (and keep it clear) in order to do it.


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