Tosca Lee

Dear Readers,
This book caught my interest the minute I heard about it. I know several of you read or tried to read Demon, it wasn’t for everyone. I even struggled with it because it made me a bit uncomfortable.
Havah is the Story of Eve as the subtitle says. I understand that this is not necessarily how it was, but it sure was fun to imagine it.
Where they able to run with the Gazelles? Did they take naps while using a Lion as a pillow? What was it like to walk with God? Did it rain? How big was the garden? Did they get bored?
Now you can see why I liked this book. Of course this book doesn’t answer all those questions, but what fun it is to think about it.
We all know the story of Adam and Eve and their (mankinds) fall. That happens very early on the book. It is reason behind the story, but it is only part of her story. Once the fall happens and they are removed from the garden, the rest of the story starts and is still happening today.
Imagine if all you knew was perfection. Your food at the ready. God’s love shown to you as you walked along side of him. That all changed in two small bites. Now nothing is the same. Nothing is handed to you, rain is cold and comes to you in a storm and two of your animal “friends” are killed to clothe you. Imagine your confusion. Especially because you know that this is not how it was meant to be.
Ok ok I hear ya’ all. I will stop giving the story lines away. I really like this story. I can’t wait to discuss this book in our book club. It made me read the creation story again and even puts the Cain and Able story takes on a different light after you meet them and their mother.
Talk about putting flesh on a Bible story. This really does that. For the first time I saw Eve as a wife, mother, a woman and a child of God. She was not longer perfect, but she was still loved by God.

Happy Reading


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