Mindy Starns Clark

Dear Readers,
For years Anna has lived with the notoriety of being part of an accident. A horrible, terrible accident that left 3 people dead. One she paid society for and is still paying for everyday. She has vowed never to return home, that is until the frantic phone call from her sister-in-law telling her that her brother has gone missing.

So starts Mindy Starns Clark’s book, Shadows of Lancaster County. Mindy has been a favorite of mine since her Million Dollar Mystery series. I recommend this book and those to anyone who loves a good mystery.

Most readers will recognize this county as the heart of Amish fiction. Don’t let that stop you from reading this book. Yes, there are Amish in this story, but just as there would be Grand Rapids people in it if someone would write a book about Grand Rapids. They are just part of the story. They are the friends, family and neighbors that get involved in all of our stories. It was a unique and interesting way to look at their life style.

A nice counter balance to the quieter life is the DNA studies that are going on in the area. Anna’s brother is working at the company that has been studying genetic disorders of the Amish communities. He seems to have hit a hornets nest and created a mess that has made him go on the run. Now everyone is looking for him. Will Anna be able to understand his message before the killer finds him?

I know this review was written a bit different that I normally do, but I had a hard time starting it, so I did something different. I really enjoyed this book, it is not a hard read and the mystery keeps you turning pages.

Happy Reading

P.S. OK, ok, I will admit I didn’t have it figured out who the killer was until Mindy was ready to reveal it. 🙂

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