Don Hoesel

Dear Readers,
Elisha’s Bones is Don Hoesel’s first novel even though he has been writing short fiction in Relief Journal.

Second Kings, chapter 13:20-21 is a short story of a man whose burial is interrupted and the party burying him throw his body in with Elisha’s body. He comes back to life when his body touches Elisha’s bones.

It is this short story that this novel is based on. There is a group that has been guarding the bones through out time. They have kept them hidden and only use them for certain people under certain circumstances. Interesting thought.
Jack Hawkins is a very laid back professor. He use to do Archeological digs, but since losing his brother on a dig, he no longer goes. He doesn’t really care about much. Life, teaching, living. He is a skeptic about everything and everyone, until Gordon Reese calls him and makes him and offer he can’t refuse.
This is a book for those who like to follow hints and have exciting escapes. It turns out that Gordon is not the only one trying to get their hands on the bones. It makes for several close calls and some interesting twists and turns.
I am going to be blunt, I did struggle a bit with some of the book which seemed to get drawn out in places and a bit unbelievable in others. But over all I found this an interesting read and actually learned a few things.

Happy Reading


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