Karen Young

Dear Readers,

I know, three mysteries in a row. Sorry, but it is my favorite genre of books. I will try to do something beside that this weekend.

Karen Young is well known in the ABA market. She has written 34 books, with a total of over 10 million in print. I had not heard of her before, which is too bad, because I really liked her book.

Blood Bayou is set in a small town just north of New Orleans. 7 years ago Stephanie was brutally murdered. The BBPO thought they had caught the right guy and sent him to death row. That is until Camille St. James poked holes in their case and proved that they didn’t. The problem that arises is that 3 days after Chester returns to Blood Bayou another young lady is murdered and he is discovered with her blood all over his clothes.

Camille returns to Blood Bayou to prove that Chester isn’t guilty. No one believes her, until several strange things begin to happen. Jack, her ex-husband, now a pastor, lives in town and Camille isn’t sure she is ready to deal with him and his problems again. But he and the town say he is a changed man. Can she believe him?

The mystery and story of this book are good. I enjoyed it a lot. The only problem I had with this book is the same one I have with several different ABA authors who start writing for the CBA market. They feel they must write out the complete plan of salvation in their books. I think it is a neat concept, but one that becomes tiresome if you read lots of Christian fiction. I find myself skipping those parts anyways. 🙂 I know it doesn’t seem right, and yet it isn’t necessarily part of the story and therefore something that can be skipped. It is something that you may share with someone who is asking those questions…

I do and will recommend this book to those looking for a great mystery, just next time I hope Pastor Karen stays out of the book and she sticks to writing really good stories.

Happy Reading.


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