Tom Morrisey

Dear Readers,

I have to tell you that one of my favorite authors in the ABA market is Clive Cussler. He writes heroes that are bigger than life and very good at everything. In the CBA market Tom Morrisey comes in a close second. He writes stories that have unbelievable story lines and characters that are people that we would all like to be like, but none of us ever are.

Pirate Hunter is a modern day tale of treasure hunting by Key West. Greg Rhode is doing something he has always wanted to do. Treasure hunt with Phil Rackham. The original interview doesn’t go according to plan, but then again nothing about this job goes as planned. The sunken ship isn’t where they expect it to be, a fellow diver isn’t suppose to be a beautiful young lady with two different colored eyes.

The second story line is the actual story of the boat and crew and why it is one of those boats all treasure hunters are looking for. In and of itself it is a good story. I liked the history part of it. I liked learning the story behind the story. It does mean that you have to flip back and forth between modern day and history, but it is not a hard thing to do in this book.

I really did like it, It is a fun little romp through the warm waters of the Caribbean, with pirates and treasure. What more could you ask for except maybe a wonderful drink with a paper umbrella in it.

Happy Reading


2 thoughts on “Tom Morrisey

  1. A close second? Chris, I demand a recount! Actually, I have been fortunate enough to interview Clive a few times and I consider anything close to be a weighty compliment. I'm also glad you enjoy the “histori-contemporary” approach. And I won't ask if this means you'll shelve it under both genres.



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