Steven James

Dear Readers,

I am officially a fan of Steven James. I joined his Facebook page – Fans of Steven James- last week, but I am also a huge fan of his books. I have waited so patiently for his third book in the Patrick Bowers series. I didn’t bug anyone for an advanced copy, I didn’t call publishing … ok that isn’t true, but now you all can read The Knight.

I always worry when authors take on a series, eventually, sooner or later, they follow a formula and I can figure out the mystery by the other books he/she has written. Which in turns means I don’t enjoy them as much as the early few.

I am very happy to report that that is not true in this case. I started reading it on a Friday and finally came up for air on Sunday night. I really didn’t want to put it down and when I had to I found myself going right back to it at the first possible chance I could.

Patrick is once again on the trail of a serial killer, this time in Denver. He has been asked in by the local police department. He isn’t sure how to fit this all into his schedule, as he needs to testify in Chicago at a retrial of a serial killer he helped put away years ago, he’s leaving for Washington DC in a couple weeks to teach a class for the summer, and he needs to spend time with Tessa.

When the trial is just getting started, a family member of one of the victims tries to kill the defendant. Patrick becomes an accidental hero when he saves the killer’s life, someone he truly hates. The chaos that follows the shooting sets off a chain of events that has Patrick on the trail of a killer that is leading them on a merry chase.

Fast-paced, heart stopping and a hard to lay down read, this is a book that anyone who loves mystery/psychological thrillers will totally love. I kept thinking, I shouldn’t read this so fast I need to savor it and enjoy it, but I couldn’t, I had to know.

I know that some people are saying that these books don’t belong in a christian bookstore. They are too violent, graphic and don’t have any overt christian themes. I just want to say, yes, but… They are not for everyone. They don’t have the plan of salvation. Patrick does wrestle with issues that we may not all struggle with, but in some small ways do happen to us. He also encounters many Christians during his many travels. They are all giving him a different perspective on Christians, one of the most intriguing is the Christian serial killer. Can anyone be saved from their sins?

For those wondering, yes Tessa is back in all her gothic glory. I will admit, she is probably my favorite character. She adds so much to the storyline and Patrick’s character. It makes him so much more believable and endearing.

If you haven’t yet read the Pawn or the Rook, do that first, then you can indulge with the Knight.

The Bishop – summer 2010. (do I sound like a groupie yet?)

Happy Reading

P.S. A fellow employee wrote on his blog about this book also. First let me warn you he does give away a couple aspects of the story. Secondly, he doesn’t normally read fiction, Theology is more his speed. So it is very interesting to read his perspective on it.


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