Cindy Woodsmall

Dear Readers,

Hope of Refuge is Cindy Woodsmall’s newest book. It is coming out just in time for her visit here at our store. ( It’s available now)

I am the first to say that Amish books are not my favorite. I can find them all the same. I know they sell well and lots of people love reading them. Cindy seems to be the exception to the rule for me. I really do enjoy her books. I think it is because of the issues she deals with in the story line as opposed to just the Amish lifestyle.

Cara is homeless. She once again had to leave everything behind to get away from her stalker. She and her daughter Lori head to Dry Creek, Pennsylvania. Cara isn’t sure why she is drawn there, but she believes that she will find help and hope there. Maybe even some answers to her questions about her mother.

Ephraim finds Cara hiding out on his property. He remembers her from a short visit Cara and her mother made when she was 10. He goes against everything that he is taught and takes them both in. He is drawn to her even while “dating” another woman. He can’t figure out what he is suppose to do and yet he feels he is doing the right thing.

I really did like this book. It was an interesting look at how people react to “past history.” Some are quick to judge even when they don’t have all the facts and others are the first in line to help no matter what. Because of gossip and people assuming they know why Cara is there, things quickly get out of hand for both Ephraim and Cara.

There is another story line going on that could easily been a complete story line on its own, but Cindy writes as a secondary line. I wonder if that is where book #2 is going. 🙂

If you get a chance, come and meet Cindy on the 15th and learn of her heart for the story.

Happy Reading


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