James David Jordan

Dear Readers,

Double Cross by James David Jordan is the second of the Taylor Pasbury books. They are not listed as a series, but they do follow each other. Forsaken is book #1. I also feel that you should be able to read Double Cross without reading the first.

Taylor is back trying to get her life together after losing both her father and the man she had come to love. She is trying to get her security company back on track and follow up on clients. When a friend from Simon’s company turns up dead, the rumors start swirling around about blackmail and embezzlement. Taylor wants to clear Simon’s name and figure out why his assistant seems to have committed suicide.

While Taylor is struggling to find answers, old questions come back to the surface when her mother reappears in her life after leaving Taylor and her father when she was just a small child. Her mother still seems a bit off center and yet Taylor is willing to start a new relationship with her. It is never an easy thing when someone you thought hated you comes back into your life saying they have always loved you.

I did like this book. There were a couple of times that I wanted to shout at Taylor, mostly because I knew what was going to happen and she just didn’t seem to want to see it. Like her “step-father,” what a greasy character. I was reading on my lunch which always takes a bit longer as a 1/2 hour is to short and I visit with my fellow employees at that time also. So is not a reflection on the book that it took me about 2 or 3 weeks to read it. 🙂 I think if I had it at home I could have easily finished it in a couple days.

Happy Reading


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