Neta Jackson

Dear Readers,

My favorite group of ladies is back. I know in the House of Hope series the Yada Yada’s are not the main characters, but they are involved enough to keep in touch.

Who Do I Talk To? by Neta Jackson is #2 in the House of Hope series and it picks up right where book #1, Where Do I Go? leaves off. Our new favorite Heroine, Gabby Fairbanks, is trying to recover from losing her home, helping her mom and restarting her job at Manna House. All while trying to come to grips with being homeless and maybe heading for a divorce.

Gabby can’t seem to get over the feeling of “this is not suppose to happen to me.” She is so focused on getting her boys back that maybe she is taking bad advice. Does she need a different job? What about her mom and her dog. They don’t belong in a homeless shelter either.

All our favorite characters are back. Lucy the bag lady, Harry the doorman, his lady friend, Estelle and of course Dandy the dog. They are the reasons that I love the books. They are all very real and I feel like I could just start visiting with them at any time.

I know I have said this before, but if you haven’t read any of Neta Jackson’s books, give them a try and become a Yada Yada Prayer Group member. I know they will welcome you with open arms and make you one of the group.

Happy Reading


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