Irene Henderson

Dear Readers,

One question I get asked over and over in the fiction dept. is “When is Dee Henderson going to write a new book?” I use to have to answer just, “I don’t know.” Now I can say, “have you read Irene Hannon?”

An Eye for an Eye is #2 in the Heroes of Quantico series. The first, Against all Odds, was about Coop, this one is about his partner Mark. Mark has been temporarily transferred to St. Louis. He needs to recover physically and emotionally from an accidental shooting.

While in St. Louis Mark has a chance meeting with an old flame. While he is visiting a lone gun man opens fire, wounding Emily. It is up to Mark and his partner Coop to find the shooter before he strikes again. Mark isn’t sure that he was the target, but that Emily is.

As they race to find the shooter, things heat up between Emily and Mark again. They were sweethearts one summer long ago. Emily isn’t ready to love again and Mark isn’t sure he wants to be tied down.

I do like these books. They don’t give me the “thriller” fix like a Steven James, but they are a good read. The best thing for me though is now I can give a good read to those Dee Henderson fans.

Happy Reading


2 thoughts on “Irene Henderson

  1. Chris: Thank you for the comparison to Dee Henderson! Being put in the same league as the master of inspirational romantic suspense made my day!

    If you liked the first two books in the Heroes of Quantico series, I think you'll like the last one (In Harm's Way, April 2010) as well. It has a VERY unusual and intriguing premise. Thanks again! Irene Hannon


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