Tim Downs

Dear Readers,

I think one of my favorite characters in books is Nick Polchak. If you haven’t meet the Bug Guy yet then you need to read any one of his books. Ends of the Earth by Tim Downs is the 5th one in the series (without counting Plaguemaker where Nick only had a cameo spot). They are all great fun and he has me chuckling at him and how he has a knack for irritating his fellow Professors.

In “Ends” an old friend calls out of the blue asking Nick to help her. Kathryn’s husband is murdered and she knows that Nick can help the police find the answers. He arrives not knowing that she is the reason for the call. He in turns calls Alena thinking he would need her help and the help of her dogs. Of course you remember Alena if you read Less than Dead and Kathryn is from Shoo-fly Pie.

The clues and other creepy crawleys don’t add up and Nick is unsure who really did murder Michael. Little does he know how close the murderer is to him.

So in typical fashion Nick is clueless about other people and their feelings. He has no idea what to do with one woman who likes him let alone two. He is just so him in how he treats “us humans.” Which I am sure is some much a part of the appeal of these books for me. He is someone who if I knew him in real life would drive me completely bonkers, but reading about him as he “tortures” other people is funny.

I have one complaint. Tim doesn’t complete the book. I can’t tell you what he doesn’t complete but you need to go on line to finish it. I really felt like that was a bit lazy on his side of things, but I did go on line and finish it. It is something you will want to do, but I still felt a bit cheated by it all. But don’t not read the book for that reason, the mystery is solved by the end of the book so you don’t have to worry about not knowing the ending if you don’t like going on line.

The Bug Man will be forever changed by the ending of the story. 🙂

Happy Reading


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