Patti Hill

Dear Readers,

Sometimes when you read a book, you find yourself between the covers, other times you find friends or family members. In Seeing Things by Patti Hill, I found my mother. Not that my mother is having eye problems or finds herself talking to Huckleberry Finn, but the streak of independence a mile wide is my mother. 🙂

Birdie is very independent in spite of having Macular Degeneration. She still hikes mountains, cooks pie and goes dancing with a rather dreamy guy who is younger than her. Nothing will slow her down, until the day she falls down the stairs and breaks her ankle. Then her son insists that she comes live with him and his family in Denver. Birdie is only willing to go if they will take her dog Bee also.

Things start to get very interesting when Birdie starts seeing Huckleberry Finn. She isn’t sure what to make of him. He doesn’t act how she expects him to and when he finally speaks to her, she is really worried that she is going insane.

Fletcher, Birdie’s grandson is the one bright spot in her day. They spend time listening to Huckleberry Finn on her Ipod as he needs to read it for school, driving lessons are next on the list and dog training lessons for a little fluff ball so Fletcher can meet the dog’s owner.

So maybe now you can understand why I liked this book. I figure anyone of that age and with Macular Degeneration who is that active has got to be someone I need to meet. What fun! But Birdie knows she doesn’t have all the answers and is surprised by some of the things she learns about herself and even others.

Wait until you meet the other degenerates or Bats as they go by or even Lupe, Birdie’s son’s maid. I really enjoyed this book and will find myself missing Birdie, Fletch and ole’ Huck when I am done.

Happy Reading


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