Melody Carlson

Dear Readers,

Limelight by Melody Carlson is a bit different for her. It isn’t one of her serious gritty novels and yet there were several different spots where I stopped to think about what she had written

Claudette Fiore’ had it all. She was rich and beautiful. She had fame and a wonderful husband who took care of her in life and after he passed. Well except the part about a crooked accountant who didn’t pay the IRS and now she has lost everything. When she realizes that it is all gone, she tries to kill herself.

When we pick up her story she is about to be released from the hospital and isn’t sure she really cares. Her step son Michael helps her set up home in her mother’s house that was left to her at her mother’s death. Claudette on the other hand isn’t quite as excited as he is. But live there she must. It isn’t a house with happy memories for her. She plotted and planned to leave town as fast as she could when she was a teen and now she is back again.

I wasn’t sure I liked Claudette at first, but I felt sorry for her in many ways. Of course her learning to do the wash and cleaning etc… was amusing. I can also imagine that grocery shopping was not the easiest thing to learn either.

Claudette learned that sometimes God has different plans for us that we have for ourselves. He wants to get our attention and sometimes that means our plans for our future will not be what really happens. This is a story that is funny, sad and triumphant.

Happy Reading


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