Charlene Ann Baumbich

Dear Readers,

Some of you will recognize Charlene Ann Baumbich’s name from her Dearest Dorothy series. The funny and lovable series about an 80 year old who was always on the go. She even made me tired.

In Stray Affections we meet up with Cassandra and all her friends and family. If what you liked about the Dorothy series is all the quirky characters, then you will like this book also. If you just liked the good story, then no problem again. If you didn’t read the Dorothy books, this is a good story for you to enjoy.

Cassandra decides to go to the Collectors Conventions even though her best friend bails on her at the last minute. When she sees a unique snow globe in another customer’s hands, she knows she needs to own it. It has a little girl with the same color hair as her own and three dogs in it The only problem is the silly thing has been nothing but trouble since then. Besides getting knocked down and breaking her nose, getting robbed (which proves her mother right again), she has become obsessed over it and everyone is starting to think she is either crazy or maybe hit her head harder than she thought. Cassandra is beginning to think they are right.

Okay to be completely honest I wasn’t sure I was going to like this book. I actually started it a couple of times before I read the whole thing. I really did enjoy this book. It was just a lovely, quirky little book that was a good read after reading a very intense thriller. It will be a good fit for those looking for a small escape.

Happy Reading


4 thoughts on “Charlene Ann Baumbich

  1. What a surprise and honor to find my book reviewed on a Baker Book House blog! As I type, my heart is doing a happy dance. I am especially grateful for your comparisons to my Dearest Dorothy series. I love quirky characters, lively stories, laughter and living in life's trenches; it's gratifying to have my passions confirmed.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review this first book in the Snowglobe Connections series.


    Peace and grins,
    Charlene Ann Baumbich


  2. New town (Chicago), new characters–new snowglobe. (A-HAH!) There is, however, a thread of connection between Cassandra and Josie, Divine Appointment's lead character. The central character in the 3rd book in the series also has a connection to Josie. A different approach than Partonville (ensemble cast in same small town), but as you so kindly pointed out, the same type of quirky characters and “good story.” (Again, THANK YOU!) And always–always–I love delving into the deep longings and desires of the heart and shining a light on the uncommon ways God works within them.


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