Don Hoesel

Dear Readers,
I read Don Hoesel’s first book, Elisha’s Bones, and found it a bit of a stretch for me. You can check out my review on my blog if you are interested in that. I only started Hunter’s Moon because a friend of mine asked me to read it and give my opinion. I am glad they recommended it. It is a much better written book, with a tighter story, better characters and a storyline that is more relevant to readers. It will make you glad for the family you have.

CJ Baxter has a past and a family he wishes he could forget about. He left town years ago and has never been back. In fact he made plans of never returning. But when his beloved grandfather passes away, he feels he should return to show respect for the one man who kept in contact with him over the years. It does help that his life in Franklin, TN is falling apart and about to get worse, he just broke into his own house to steal his dog back from his soon to be ex-wife. Maybe it is best to just get out of town for a couple of days… er, weeks.

Graham Baxter is running for a Senate seat. He is hoping to fulfill the one dream of his family that no one else has been able to do: hold public office. The Baxter family would like to be the next Kennedys and have a dynasty. He isn’t going to let anything or anyone to stand in the way of achieving his goal, even if the black sheep of the family returns to mess things up.

This book really seems to have it all. Murder, mayhem, political intrigue, romance (just a little), and family dynamics. I found myself caught up in the story and noticed that I didn’t want to lay the book down a couple of times.

For my Librarians this would make a good guy book, but it is for anyone looking for a good story.

Happy Reading


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