Jennifer Allee

Dear Readers,

The Pastor’s Wife by Jennifer Allee is not her first book. The Love of His Brother was released in ’07 and I am sorry to say I missed it. If it is as good as Pastor’s Wife… I am going to try to track it down and read it.

Maura Sullivan ran away from home 6 years ago. She fled a husband who had put her last, behind his new congregation and a town she didn’t feel welcomed in. She swore she would never go back. But Miss Hattie and God had other plans for her. Miss Hattie left Maura the town’s old run down theater, the Music Box, to renovate and run. But there is a catch, she must live in town, at the parsonage with Nick, her husband, for 6 months. Is it worth it?

Maura decides to stay and make a go of it. She really doesn’t have any other choice as her life in California seems to be at a dead end. She is ready for a new start even if it means that she will move back to this little backwater town in Ohio.

This is one of those feel good books that easily can be turned into a Hallmark Channel movie. It has it all, a light romance, a small town and stress between the hero and heroine. It is just a nice to story to read. It won’t make you lose any sleep, but it still is well worth the read. I read it between two intense mysteries and it was nice to relax and enjoy.

Happy Reading


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