JIll Marie Landis

Dear Readers,

Jill Marie Landis is an author I wasn’t familiar with. She is well known in the romance readers market. She has won and been nominated for several awards. So to say the least I was curious about her writing style.

Heart of Stone is written right in JIll’s comfort zone, historical romance. We meet Lovie when Lovie is awakened by her Aunt and Uncle arguing about what to do about her and her sisters. Ever since they had gone to live with Maddie and Timothy they have made the girls feel like a burden. Lovie’s mother made her promise to take care of her sisters before she died and now Lovie isn’t sure she will be able to do that. Uncle Timothy has announced that he has made arrangements for them all, but in different places.

When we join Lovie again she is now going by the name of Laura and she is trying to put her past behind her. She owns a lovely boarding house and tells everyone that she is a widow whom her husband left with little money and needed to support herself. Once she meets Pastor Brand she knows that she can not fall in love with him because she would be the ruin of him and his reputation if anyone found out who and what she was.

This is not a light romance. Some of the subject matter can be heavy. Lovie’s childhood is not the best, but it does set the stage for the book. It is also what made me think a bit of Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. It is the same concept of someone who doesn’t believe they are lovable and yet we are all pursued by God.

With Spring Break and Summer vacations (yes eventually the weather will warm up), I feel like this book would be a great read for sitting on the beach or by a pool. Of course you must include a glass of lemonade or ice tea.
Happy Reading


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