Deborah Raney

Dear Readers,

I have got to tell you that I was very excited to see that this book came back in print. It is the book that made me a fan of Deborah Raney. It went out of print a few short years afterwards and I had to stop recommending it other than to say if you can find it in Used Books. It was one that didn’t stay there long as a lot of people were always looking for it.

Beneath a Southern Sky is not an easy read, but oh so good. It doesn’t have a great mystery or such to it, just a huge moral dilemma. Daria returns from the mission field after her husband goes missing and is presumed dead. She moves on with her life, raising her daughter as best she can. She slowly heals and finds love again with Colson, the veterinarian she works for. Once they marry she believes her life is finally perfect. That is until a telegram arrives… “Nathan Camfield found alive. Flying in K.C. int’l via Bogota.” Now what does she do. She has two husbands.

Now maybe you can understand why I liked this book. Some of you may have read it already, be forewarned it has a new cover. But if you haven’t it is well worth the read.
Happy Reading


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