Beth Pattillo

Dear Readers,

This is the second book in which Beth Patillo takes on the “Formidables”. In Mr Darcy Broke My Heart we are off again to England with another person who doesn’t think that highly of Jane Austen or her writing. Which of course is why I started reading these books to begin with. They have changed my mind a bit about Jane, but I am pretty safe in saying I don’t think any of hers will ever be my favorites.

Claire heads for Christ Church in Oxford, England. She has to present her sister’s paper on Pride and Prejudice as Missy is have complications with her pregnancy. Claire is only happy to go to help her sister out, something she has been doing since their parents were killed in a car accident. Besides how hard can it be? If Claire only knew.

The first day there she meets Harriet, a slightly off senior citizen, who claims to have the original manuscript of Pride and Prejudice. Before it became that title it was known as First Impressions. (This is a fact, even though no known copies of the manuscript exist) Claire is intrigued, but doesn’t believe that the manuscript is real. She gets caught up in the story itself and how different it is from the story that is so beloved by millions of readers. As Claire gets more and more into the story she finds her own life unraveling and she isn’t sure how to make it stop. Who can Claire trust? How about James, her own Mr Darcy, is he trust worthy? What abut the guy at home, Neil?

I really am enjoying this series by Beth. I will admit that I have likes several of her other books, The Knit Lit Book Club among them, so I am sure that is part of it as I like her style of writing. I do think I can safely say that I like the storyline of this book. It is loads of fun, and ah to be in England in the summer. This book doesn’t take you around England like Jane Austen Ruined My Life did, but I still want to go and visit Oxford and do a walking tour of different author’s homes. Oh well until then I will need to just read about it.

Happy Reading


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