Debbie Viguie’

Dear Readers,

The Lord is my Shepherd is the first book by Debbie Viguie’ that I had heard of. So I went on to see what I could learn. I found she has written several books for teens and this looked like, at least to me, her first book for adults.

First let me say, this is a pretty good book. She does have a bit to work on with character interaction. Cindy “jumps” too often and Jeremiah seems a bit too jaded for a rabbi of only 2 years. But those are things she can work on and iron out. The book itself held my attention and I found myself interested all the way to the end.

Cindy literally trips over a dead body as she enters church on the Monday before Easter. (What a bad way to start a Monday.) Little does she know the events her discovery will set off. The Passion week killer has struck before and now he is in town making a statement. Cindy and Jeremiah, her own “Good Samaritan” are following the clues and digging up ideas, even though detective Mark warns them to stop. When it seems like Cindy is the one that the killer is performing for, she starts to dig even farther to understand what he really wants.

In a very twisted way, the killer is making Passion week more real to everyone. He is preforming for someone or some reason that no one can quite understand. There is one person who knows, but he isn’t talking.

Like I said this isn’t a complicated mystery. I think it is one that would be easy to read in between the intense mysteries I normally read. 🙂 I do have a couple other complaints about it, but if I write about them it would give the entire book away, so if you want to know email me and I will tell you. Otherwise this is worth a read on a snowy weekend.

Happy Reading


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