Melody Carlson

Dear Readers,

As Young as You Feel by Melody Carlson has a bit of a different feel to it than some of her other books. It isn’t overly gritty like some, but it is not a little read like others. It takes on 4 different women who have gone through four very different life experiences and yet they are all friends.
The four Linda club started in 1st grade. When the girls found out that they all had the first name, they started a club, started using their middle names and hanging out together. By high school they had grown apart because of different interests and focuses.
When they are all reunited at their 35th class reunion they find it fun to laugh together again. Until Cathy, one of their fellow classmated, dies at the class reunion. They all start rethinking where they are in their lives and those things that maybe need changes.
Marley is still recovering from a bitter divorce, Abby and her husband look like their marriage is perfect, Janie lost her husband and both parents within a few short months of each other, and Caroline has become disillusioned with life in Hollywood. Can these four very different friends help each other? What will make each of them happy again?

I have always loved Melody’s books. They are each so unique and yet they all have something to tell or teach. Whether it is her teen books or her adult books, they are good stories. This one is no different. If you have a weekend while everyone is busy and you want a good story to disappear in… this is a great choice.
Happy Reading


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