Ginger Garrett

Dear Readers,

Here is another recover of a book that was actually in print for only a short time. I really liked it and wanted to recommend to those of you that haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

Chosen by Ginger Garrett is the story of Esther. One I have always liked in the Bible. It is written from the perspective of a teenager ripped from her home, but instead of letting it destroy her, she is able to stay true to her faith and herself. Esther is written as a strong young woman who may not always know the right answers, but is willing to listen and learn. There is a love story in this one between her and King Xerxes. I have to imagine that there was some love between them somewhere, even though the Bible doesn’t say so, otherwise the rest of the story doesn’t make much sense.
This is a well researched book and is easy to read. I loved the different perspective on a familiar Bible story.

Happy Reading


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