Liz Curtis Higgs

Dear Readers,

When an author waits 4 years in between books, I wonder if it will be worth the wait. Then I remind myself it is Liz Curtis Higgs and of course it is worth the wait.

Here Burns my Candle is set in Scotland once again. Liz’s family is from Scotland and she loves doing the search and such required for her novels. It just gives her a closeness that she hasn’t always felt with them. This one is during the time when Bonnie Prince Charles was trying to over throw the Crown and claim the throne for himself and Scotland. Liz also used the story of Ruth as the background for this story. So all these interesting topics makes for a very good read.

Lady Elizabeth married up. She is a Highlander by birth, but when she meet and married Lord Donald she was a lowly seamstress.She doesn’t tell many people about her heritage as the Scots are not looked upon favorably. Her mother-in-law does not like her for this reason. Lady Marjory likes her other daughter in law better because she helped her son meet and marry her.

Lady Majory has her own secrets that she keeps from her family. Like where she has hidden the family gold, which might be the worst kept secret of all. Her main goal in life is to keep her place in society. While she struggles to keep up appearances, Prince Charles rides into town to upset the whole balance of things she has always seen as right. How will she and her little family survive and which side will she choose to stand with.
Liz captures the excitement and stress of a time in England and Scotland’s history that I actually didn’t know that much about. I will admit that I have probably forgotten most of what my teachers tried to teach me about this topic. I remember that we did study it some, but some I did look up on Google to see what was going on and if you remember your history at all you will get an idea of how this book ends.
I loved Liz’s “Thorn” series, but I think this one is even better. Her writing and characters are developed better and the story lines are good. I will tell you that book #2 is coming in 2011. I am not sure I can wait that long. I will have to see how soon I can get a copy to read it.

This book releases on March 16th, which you will notice has been bumped up from the date I had listed before, and is also the same day a Francine Rivers book. I personal think both of these books are well worth the price of buying. I can’t tell you which one to buy first as they are both so good.

Happy Reading


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