Sandra D. Bricker

Dear Readers,

I always have a book that I read here at work. I read while on lunch, which means it can take a bit longer to read a book. It doesn’t mean it isn’t a good read, I just don’t have much time to read them and I do get interrupted once in a while. I actually started The Big 5-oh by Sandra D. Bricker several weeks ago. It has been a fun and cute book to read. One that is easy to remember what is going one in between the lunch 1/2 hours that I have to read on.
Olivia Wallace is turning 50 this year. In fact in a couple weeks. She believes her birthday is cursed. Strange and not happy things happen on her birthday. Her husband dying, being told she has cancer, to name a couple. So she is not looking forward to her birthday for several reasons. She just wants to hide away and let the day pass unnoticed. Her friend Halley doesn’t believe in the curse, but offers her mother’s house in Florida for good place to go hide out. Olivia figures what can it hurt. Besides it is warm there and Ohio is still buried under snow.

Once there Olivia realizes that this is not a quiet place to live. Whether is it is the “stinky” dog she is asked to dog-sit or the alligator that comes visiting, Olivia isn’t sure this was a good alternative to snow. But soon she finds out that there is a very good looking doctor living just a few doors down that might make the stay a bit more interesting.

Ok now there is nothing in this book that will make you lie awake at night and wonder what is happening or even going to happen. It is just a great get-away book. It is quirky and funny and just a cute book to get away for a while.
Happy Reading


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