Robert Whitlow

Dear Readers,
Greater Love by Robert Whitlow is the 3rd and final installment of the Tides of Truth series. Deeper Water is number 1 and Higher Hope is the 2nd book. They have all centered on Tami Taylor, a young law student who is interning at a prestigious law firm in Savannah Georgia. This one is no different. Ok, maybe a little different in that Tami is now a full lawyer and has to decide between the law firms that have offered her a job.

Greater Love opens with Tami finishing off her last year of law school and being offered a job at Braddock, Appleby and Carpenter, the law firm she has spent the last couple of summers interning at. She is the first ever female intern to be offered a job by them. She isn’t sure if she wants to take the job offer because she wants to work there or because both of the gentleman that are interested in her work there. Yes Zack and she are still courting, but Tami is still not sure he is the one God has planned for her to marry.

Tami’s new case has her dealing with a teenage runaway that Tami knows is lying. Jessie is hiding something and she is willing to go to jail rather than reveal her secret. She is not talking to Tami or the cops. Jessie knows that if she reveals her secret she is a dead person, just like what happened to Rod. There are forces at work no one can see and Sister Dabney is back to make sure everyone is on the right path.

I am not sure this is my favorite of the three books. I really liked the law case that Tami is involved in, but I did find the storyline of Tami/Zack/Vince a bit slow and even annoying. But it was fun to visit with old friends like Mrs. Fairmont and Tammy Lynn’s parents. I would be glad to read another book about Tami. She is an interesting character and she does make me think about how I make decisions and choices in my life. She reminds me that God is interested in every aspect of my life including my job and things I do for fun and recreation.

I have said this many times and will say it again. Robert’s books are easily recommended to guys, even with a female lead but also for John Grisham readers. He writes those southern genre lawyer mysteries that John is so fond of writing.

Right now we have in the store book one for $2.99 and book #3 at 20% off. Makes the series an easy an inexpensive pick up.

Happy Reading


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