Ted Dekker

Dear Readers,
I know Ted Dekker is not everyone’s cup of tea, but he is one of my favorites. The Bride Collector is going to be one of my favorite of his novels. It is a psycho-thriller. It is dark and plain and simply scary. I actually put off reading for a couple of days as my husband was out of town and I really didn’t want to be home alone while reading it.

Why would someone kill anyone? Why would this mad man kill the most beautiful women? He says it is because he loves them. Brad Raines is trying to track him down before he kills again. With 6 women to his credit already the Bride Collector has vowed to continue to kill women until he finds the most beautiful of them all. Brad isn’t sure who to turn to for help. He finds the Center for Wellness and Intelligence with the last hope that the patients there will help him get ahead of the killer and help Brad catch him.

When Brad finds himself attracted to one of the young woman helping him, he begins to see that she may be the center of all that is going on. Paradise has been a patient a long time, and yet she seems to be the only one who can help Brad. Will Brad be able to catch up with the Bride Collector before he claims his next bride? Or will someone close to Brad pay the ultimate price?
If you like Ted, read this book. There is no reason to not read it. Yes, it is intense. Yes it is creepy, And yes it will keep you up at night. But why else would you read a Ted Dekker book.
Happy Reading


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