Kristen Heitzmann

Dear Readers,
Kristen Heitzmann has been a favorite author of mine for years now. A couple years ago she had a fabulous book written and in the process of being printed. Her publisher pulled it just before it was to be released. I still bug the rep from that publishing house to print that book, but in the mean time we have these other books by her. Indivisible is her newest that just came out.

Jonah is trying to get over his past. When he finds a couple of raccoons killed in a bizarre way, he is sure that there is more to the crime than what meets the eye. With a rising drug threat and his old flame becoming more involved with what is going on, Jonah is not sure this job or life is worth it. He is 9 years sober and everyday is a struggle.
Tia and Jonah’s lives are mixed together in several ways. Most too painful to want to remember. Tia is just living a life forced on her when her family left town and her mother told her to take care of the family store. Tia has turned it in to more of her than her mother and is very proud of the crafts and candles she makes. She feels like she deserves the life chosen for her. Her past proves it.
I liked this book. It is a bit more creepy than others of Kristen’s but it is also still very much a “normal” book for her. She is such a good author, one who is able to weave a very good story in with a mystery. I don’t usually even list her in with the suspense writers, her stories are some much about the storyline of of her characters that I forget that the mystery is happening.
Happy Reading

One thought on “Kristen Heitzmann

  1. Very true–this is more suspence than previous books, but it's a story so much deeper than just a good thrill. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to the next book from Kristen Heitzmann. Thanks for your review!


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