Mona Hodgson

Dear Readers,
The books I read here at work have to be uncomplicated and light. It usually means I am reading a light romance. Two Brides too Many by Mona Hodgson is such a book.
Kat and Nell Sinclair head to Cripple Creek, Colorado because family circumstances dictate it. They arrive in town with high hopes for their two grooms to be. Nothing goes according to plans. First, neither gentleman is there to meet them at the train station. Second, while traveling to a boarding house, Kat sees her intended in town, with a ‘working’ girl, and they are headed into a bar. Lastly the town catches fire and both girls are thrown into the midst of the chaos on their second day in town.
They are both left to wonder what could possible happen next. Where is Nell’s missing groom? He got the telegraph sent weeks in advance, but he is still a no show. Does he intent to marry yet?

This is not a big “secret” book. I could figure out basiclly what was going on pretty early, but I stil enjoyed the story itself. A fire in now-a-days that would threaten an entire city is unheard of, but in 1895 it was very much a reality. Many of those small or large mining towns did burn down, some more than once. Mail order brides date back in U.S. history to before the revolutionary war. So the historical part of the story is interesting and the characters along with the storyline kept my attention even with being only able to read it in 30 minute spots.
Happy Reading


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