Eric Willson

Dear Readers,
First, I would like to thank Eric Wilson for the copy of Valley of Bones that he sent to my daughter Gabby. I let her read it first as she was rapidly approaching AP exams and needed a stress reliever. It worked out great. It just meant that my review is a bit later, but that is OK. It was worth the wait.

Valley of Bones is the third and final book in the Jerusalem’s Undead trilogy. To be honest I am not quite sure where to go with this review. I feel like I have said it all before. I love this series. I love that it is a series that is crossing over to the teens who were reading the Twilight series. I love that it presents evil as evil, not as something to be played with, but guarded against.

Now if you haven’t read the first two books, you may want to skip to the end. This doesn’t have any spoilers from this book, but you may learn a couple things about the first ones that you don’t want to know yet.
Natira and the Collectors are close to finding all 36 of the Nastrim. They only need to locate the 2 on the US continent and the 2 in the middle east and then the final #36 who has been very elusive. Once they find them all, the Master Collector will be able to usher in the Time of Vengeance. They will then take their revenge on the humans.
Gina and Cal and all those who resist are ready to stand against them. They will be ready to sacrifice all they hold dear. Even if it means revealing who they are and where they live to the Collectors.
I think I have now read all of Eric Wilson’s books. I always find them so interesting. They are never ever a light read. Sometimes they are funny in spots, but they do make you really think about the world around you. Whether the physical or spiritual world. With this one it makes me wonder about that daily spiritual battle we are in every day.
Happy Reading


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