Terri Blackstock

Dear Readers.
Terri Blackstock is now writing stand alone books. No more series for her. With the results like Predator I am very happy she did. This is an intense books that is very relevant to things happening today. Facebook, MySpace and Tweeting are so popular and it is so easy to believe you are safe online when you have no idea who maybe lurking in the shadows.

Krista’s younger sister is killed. She makes a vow to catch the killer. She is frustrated by what she sees as a lack of caring by the on-line company that “caused” Ella’s death. She thinks that they should do more to protect their clients and they feel you just need to be smarter on-line. When Krista confronts the CEO of GrapeVyne her opinions of him and his company don’t change.

Ryan is bothered by what has happen to his brainchild. He and his college roommate started the Grapevyne as a way to keep track of their college friends and happens. When it started making money and grew to start challenging Facebook, investors started to take notice. When he sold control of the company, it became about making money, not about helping people. When Ryan meets Krista his opinion of her changes.

This is one of those books that parents and those using the social websites should read. It is a bit creepy as she does a good job of hiding her murderer well, but it is about something that we all run into. It reminded me that others are watching even when I am not expecting it.

Happy Reading


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