Matt Mikalatos

Dear Readers,

Imaginary Jesus by Matt Mikalatos ( you try to say his last name, I have no idea), opens with Matt and his Jesus having coffee at a local coffee shop and a fisherman walks up to Jesus and punches him in the face. This starts an adventure for Matt that takes him to all different points around Portland Oregon. Along the way he meets many different Jesus’, but none of them fit into his idea of what he is very comfortable with.
The Jesus Matt is friends with doesn’t say no to Matt and would do him all kinds of favors. He even offered to fix a parking ticket for Matt.
Some of the Jesus’ we meet along the way are Politcal Jesus, Beatnik Jesus, mostly dead Jesus, and Magic 8ball Jesus – he gives answers but none make any sense. They all seem to fill a need for someone, but none match up with the real Jesus. So with the help of a talking donkey and Pete the firsherman, yes that one, He sets out on the adventure of finding Jesus.
I personally wasn’t sure I was going to like this book. I did because it forced me to look at the Jesus that I was picturing and following. It made me think about why my Jesus looked the way he did and did he match up with the real Jesus. It made for interesting read.

Let me also say, this book is not for everyone and it will offend some people. I recommend that everyone who is interested to read it, but consider yourself warned. 🙂

Happy Reading


3 thoughts on “Matt Mikalatos

  1. Thanks for the review. I've seen this book but, like you, wondered if I'd like it. You've made me curious. I may pick it up one of these days and read it for myself. 🙂


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