Linda Windsor

Dear Readers
I can’t tell you the last Linda Winsor book I read. Her newest, Healer, reminded me again why I love reading her books. This book is the first in her new series, The Brides of Alba. It is set in the 6th century in Scotland, which is somewhat during the reign of Arthur and his court. Now, there is an opening statement by Linda that explains a bit about the times, but also about some of the things that she includes in her story. Take the time to read it, I am glad I did, it helped with the story, but I also had a brief and not boring history lesson.

Joanna’s last words to the man she refused to marry in favor of another were at curse and a blessing. Tarlock has attacked Joanna’s home and she knows she must save her daughter’s life, even at the cost of her own.

So starts Brenna’s life. She is forever hunted by Tarlock so he can rid the world of her so the prophecy won’t come true. Brenna has lived her life hidden in a cave, with her only friend of late being a white wolf. The locals have many stories of the wolf-woman living in the woods. They belive that she is able to shape shift into a wolf and then is able to avoid being found by Tarlock. Brenna just longs for compionship and when a man is badly wounded she believe God has bought him to her to be her spouse.
So to answer all the questions right away, yes there is a love story in the book. It isn’t hard to figure it out either. But don’t let that take away from the story which is very interesting and fun to read. I read it over the holiday weekend and enjoyed it a great deal. It was an easy read even if it isn’t about a time in history that I was very familiar with. It did remind me a bit of a Stephen Lawhead book. It wasn’t as dark as his can be and had a bit more romance that he ever has, but the time and overall feel of the story were the same. I would definitely recommend it to his fans if they are looking for somethng along those lines.

Happy Reading


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