Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Dear Readers,
Heartless by Anne Elisabeth Stengl is not going to be for everyone because it is a fantasy. To narrow that reading field even more, it is a teen fantasy. For those of you that do venture forth and read it, it is fun and interesting read.
Personally I am always wary of fantasy as they can be kind of hokey and Christian fantasy can be even worse. The problem I find is that they are so determined to get their message across that they forget to write a good story to go along with the message.

Heartless is about Princess Una who is looking for her perfect prince. Will he be handsome? Will he be dashing? Funny? A knight in shining armor? She dreams he will be all of those things and more.
That is why when she meets Prince Aethelbald (Applebald as Una’s brother call him) she is less than impressed and knows that he is not the one. He is much to plain and unnoticeable. But why does she always seem to think of him when she has a problem or needs an answer to a question? And what is with these dreams she is having? Why can’t she remember them when she wakes up?
Like I said before, I did like this book. It is definitely a early teen book, which makes some of the plot lines seem simple, but it is a good book.
Happy Reading


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