James Rubart

Dear Readers,
Rooms by James Rubart was advertised as My Heart Christ’s Home meets Frank Peretti. Well Frank wrote that book with Ted Dekker a few years ago. House is freaky to say the least. This book isn’t as creepy, but it doesn’t make it any less of a good read.

Micah Tayler gets a letter informing him that his great Uncle had left him a house. A house that was built especially for him. It seems a bit strange to Micah and even a little creepy that a guy he had never met claims to know him well enough to build him a house that will be a perfect fit for him. Micah is intrigued enough to see what this is all about.

Micah returns to his favorite place on earth, a place he had vowed to never return to. At first visit it seems the house is a perfect fit, but yet something seems just bit off. He plans to see the house as quickly as possible and to continue his life as before, but something about that house keeps drawing him back. Is he willing to give up his life to live where his best and worst memories collide?
This is an interesting read. It made me wonder what the perfect house for me would look like. What kind of rooms would I have? I would have to guess that was the author’s plan all along. I know I have said it before, this isn’t as creepy as advertised (of course I like Ted Dekker and Steven James;-) I still found it interesting and it might be a good one for a book club to do together.
Happy Reading


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