Neta Jackson

Dear Readers,

I don’t think there are any more adjectives I could use to describe the Neta Jackson books. I have loved every one of them. Who do I lean on is the third in the House of Hope series. Once again Gabby is trying to get on her feet after her husband kicked her and her mother out on to the street. She has found an apartment for herself and her boys and it looks like her dream of a house for homeless mothers will soon become a reality. But now Philip says he wants to talk about the damage done to their marriage and Gabby wonders if that means he wants to reconcile.
Is Gabby interested in letting him back into her life? Does she trust him? What about the strange men hanging out by his condo? Gabby is moving ahead. Her life isn’t completely back together and she is learning as she goes along. She learns that friendship means give and take, not just take. She also learns that ex-husbands, ok not yet, but… don’t always co-operate the way she thinks he should. What about what Mabel told her, does she carry some of the blame for their mariage breaking up?

I always feel like I have come home again when I read one of Neta’s books. I don’t live in a big city, but the people in her stories make me feel at home. They are very welcoming and I know that if I were to join one of their groups they would welcome me with open arms and accept me, even with all my faults. They love each other threw it all, but are unwilling to let anyone get away with anything they think may endanger their walk with God. What a neat group of woman to belong to.
The books in the House of Hope series and the Yada Yada Prayer group series are those kind of  books that I love to read and just sink into and just disappear for a while.   It is a great way to enjoy the heat of summer and yet feel like you did something special.
Happy Reading


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