Steven James

Dear Readers,

The much awaited release of The Bishop is finally here. The book is in our store as we speak. I know I have had several people asking me about the release of it and actually had a few special order for it. I know personally it was hard to wait, but it is so nice to get a good book to read in the dog days of summer.
Ok how to review a thriller/mystery without giving anythng away. Umm… let me see. Read this book. How’s that. 🙂 I can easily say if you like the first three you will like this one. Patrick, Tessa and two different love interests for Patrick are back. To make the story line even more interesting a old nemesis is back, not only to darken to the waters of the murders that are happening, but to tease Patrick with hints to the murders he may or may not have commiteed. To stir the waters even more Tessa’s birth father in now in the picture and not everything he says seems to be true. He is a strange figure to add to the mix, especially if you are not sure who you can trust or not trust.
Steven is a master at fake out and misdirection with his clues and this story is no different. I can hardly wait for The Queen to come out, but I am sorry to say that will be next year at the earliest. Sorry. In the mean time enjoy this one.

Happy Reading


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