Shelia Walsh/Kathryn Cushman

Dear Readers,

I actually picked up Angel Song by Shelia Walsh and Kathryn Cushman because I really didn’t have any idea what I wanted to read next. I know most of the time when I get near the end of a book I have a good idea what I want to read next. Sometimes it is just a topic but most of the time I actually have another book picked out and ready to go.

It does help that the other books by Kathryn that I have read I really do like. She writes good emotional/issues stories. Whether it is because it is an issue I could relate to or just because I really liked the writing style, it doesn’t matter, I just plain and simply enjoyed them.

Anne Fletcher fled her home in Charleston, SC for the lights of the big city of New York. She has made a good life for herself and she might have even said she was happy. When her younger sister, Sarah, is getting her master’s degree, Anne agrees to come home and celebrate with her. Of course Sarah needs to understand that Anne will not be staying long, just the long weekend.
When a tragic accident happens Anne is thrust into Sarah’s life and meets her ‘family’ that has adopted her. One very unique young man walks into her life from next door and Anne may never be the same again. Keith sees angels and he is convinced that angels are working extra hard to make sure that Anne is ok. She of course can’t see them and has long ago turned her back on her sister’s faith.
This is just a gentle tale of love and friendship. Don’t let the part of there being angels involved scare you off from a good book. To be honest I wasn’t real interested in reading it for that reason and that of course would have meant that I missed out on a neat little book. Now whether you believe angels are involved in our everyday lives or not doesn’t matter, it is just a neat read. Personally I like the idea that God wants to take care of me so much he sends his angels to guard over me.
Happy Reading


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