Sharon Garlough Brown

Dear Readers,
It is so much fun watching a new author get their book published. Sharon Garlough Brown is a regular shopper here and a local pastor, which makes the release of Sensible Shoes so much more exciting. With great pleasure and excitement we hosted her launch party on August 4th here at Baker Book House. We had a great turn out – 75 plus people- and got to a chance to hear Sharon’s heart for her book.

This book was born out of Sharon’s desire to take us all on a Sacred Journey. She belongs to a group that meets on Monday and they call themselves the Sensible shoes club (Now you understand the name). In the group they have watched God, through the Holy Spirit, heal and transform lives. Because of that experience Sharon wanted to teach others how to take a spiritual journey. She just didn’t feel called to write a teaching book, she felt called to write a fiction book that would help readers learn how to go on a journey themselves.

In this wonderful story we meet 4 interesting women. Each comes with her own baggage that God has been trying to help her get rid of for years, but it takes a special invitation for them each to understand what he has been saying.
Meg – A widow who has never been allowed to grieve the loss of her husband. With her daughter moving to England and her domineer mother passing away, Meg is at loose ends and not sure if her life has meaning. Why would someone who has never been farther than 200 miles from her home need to go on a journey?
Hannah – Her congregation loves her. She is always busy always helping someone and always … well … tired. But if she is doing God’s work, that doesn’t matter. Keep working, or that is what she thinks until her congregation gives her a much unwanted sabbatical. What is she suppose to do for 9 months?
Mara – She has never been good enough. Slightly over weight and not from a good family, she was never wanted by her classmates. She was never really loved by the men she slept with when she was a teen and young woman and she is not really loved by her husband who just doesn’t understand why she can’t seem to move on. Why would God love her if she has never done anything right in her life?
Clarissa – She is driven to be the best, the brightest, the smartest and always to perfection. She takes no prisoners when she is trying to get something accomplished. No matter if someone gets in the way, whether husband, friends or family members. She has a plan and she is going to stick with it. The only reason she even goes to the first class is she needs it for a requirement in college. What can she be taught about anything, she knows it all already.
These are the woman of the Sensible shoes club. They could be any one of us. They are very human and very fallible. Which is probably what I did like about this book.
There is one very nice thing about this book, you can support the local economy and buy local when you read this book. 🙂
Happy Reading


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