Nancy Mehl

Dear Readers,

There is a genre in the fiction dept. called cozy mystery. I really enjoy reading them as they usually make me laugh and I can relax and enjoy a light read. Missing Mabel by Nancy Mehl fits that category perfectly. It is light yet fun and almost silly, but in a good way. I guess if your main character is a hair dresser for the local funeral homes you will have to believe that it will have its less than serious moments.
Hilde Higgins’ mom had such high hopes for her. Hilde dropped out of college to go to Beauty school. After landing a job at one of the premier salons in town, she is sure this is not what she wants to do but isn’t sure what else to do. That all changes when she is asked to do a lady’s hair at a local funeral home, suddenly she has found her niche in life.
That is why, when Hilde is accused of stealing a diamond ring belonging to one of her “clients,” she worries that she may lose her business also. Hilde is also convinced that the ring that is stolen is only taken to cover up a real crime. She believes that the person whose hair she just took care of is not the person the funeral home says it is. Why would they want to switch bodies? How will Hilde be able to prove her innocence? And what is it with the creepy guy next door?

This was a perfect read for those last few hot nights we had here in Michigan. It was nice to be able to sit and enjoy a fun little mystery and sip a glass of iced tea. Yes sweet of course. 🙂 If you liked Lorena McCourtney’s series the Ivy Malone series you will probably like this book. Yes the main character isn’t a little old lady, but it has the same quirky feel to it and I enjoyed it as much.
Happy Reading


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