Stephen Lawhead

Dear Readers,

I love Stephen Lawhead’s books. They are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I hope he never stops writing. He is a great mixture of historical and fantasy. It seems like he is always wanting to change history. He does write the more straight forward historical novels like the King Raven series. It was about Robin Hood and the history behind his legend. With his new release, The Skin Map, he is going back to the mixture. There is time travel mixed in with space/dimension travel. I am not sure I can explain it all here, but Stephen does a good job of making it make sense in the book.
One day while taking a short cut through an alley in modern London, Kit experiences a very intense, but short storm. When he staggers out of the storm he meets a stranger that introduces himself as Kit’s long lost great grandfather. Now Kit’s great grandfather ran out on his wife and small son many years before, never to be heard from again. So if this guy is telling the truth he would have to be very old by now. Why doesn’t he look it?

Cosimo tells Kit a crazy story about time travel but using other dimensions in time than just the one we are familiar with. Kit thinks the old man is crazy and that some how he has managed to lure poor Kit on to a movie set to enforce his story.
So starts this strange and interesting story. I have to admit for a book #1 in a Stephen Lawhead series it moves right along. I am more used to the series where Stephen takes his time doing character development in book one so this one took me a bit by surprise. I know that I am looking forward to book number 2 and I am not even sure when it will be released.
Happy Reading


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