John Aubrey Anderson

Dear Readers,
This has been a bit of a different and difficult review for me. I actually started The Cool Woman by John Aubrey Anderson on my mission trip and was not enjoying it at all. I in fact stopped reading it and went so far as to tell one of my loyal customers that it was not a good book. Well I am here to tell you that I am eating crow now. It is a good book and I understand why the character had to be the way the author wrote him to make the rest of the story make sense.

I think the thing that I liked best about this book is that there is no bashing of the military for the job they did in Vietnam. They were there on the orders of a bunch of people who didn’t let them do their jobs. They were analyzed over and over for every little thing that happened. They were judged by standards that no civilian could understand. The media didn’t help by publishing and showing the worst of the stories on TV and movie screens.

The Cool Woman is instead about the guys who willingly sacrificed everything to fight in a war that we didn’t understand and then blamed them for. The best part about this book, except for a few references to the politicians who are trying to run the war, it is just not part of the story.
Bill Mann has always dreamed of being a pilot in the Air Force. He could hardly wait to follow in his father’s footsteps. He comes with loads of baggage, but is still able to accomplish all his dreams, included meeting and marrying the girl of his dreams. When Bill is fighting in Vietnam his life begins to unravel. He isn’t sure it is worth it any more and he blames himself.
Like I said before, this is the story of the guys that were fighting a losing war. They were doing what they were called to do and doing it with honor. That is what I so appreciated about this book, it made these guys human with human emotions. They loved their family, country and fellow pilots. They didn’t always see eye to eye with each, but when push came to shove they would give their lives for each other.
It is a war time book, but it is so well worth the read. Enjoy.
Happy Reading


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