Susan Meissner

Dear Readers,
Those of you have been reading my reviews for years already know this. I love Susan Meissner’s books. My favorite has long been Shape of Mercy, but I fell in love with her many years ago while reading Why the Sky is Blue. She writes stories and characters that I become very attached to. They become like good friends that I never want the story to end even though I so can’t wait to find out what happens in the story.

Lady in Waiting is Susan’s newest and I could hardly wait to get my hands on a copy right after my rep from Waterbrook presented it to me. Because he is one of the best reps I have, Stuart, with Joel’s help, sent me a copy a few weeks ago. I could hardly stand to finish the book I was reading to start it. It is so very good and I can’t wait for you to read it.

This book is the story of two Janes. One lives in Manhattan and is trying to recover from when her husband walked out of their marriage after 22 years together. She is trying to find herself and meaning in it all when she discovers a old ring in a box sent over from Britain. She is drawn into the story of the second Jane.
Lady Jane Grey lived in the 16th century and most of her life is decided by politics and the grabbing for power. Her story is told through the eyes of her dressmaker Lucy. It is an interesting perspective on the political scene of the time. Lady Jane wants to marry for love, but understands that she can not. When circumstances force her to accept things that she doesn’t want to, it may cost more than her heart.
In the style of Shape of Mercy, this book flashes back and forth between present and past. It is not a problem to follow the storyline, but I always found myself so caught up in one side of the story that I wouldn’t want it to end. Then just a quickly I would get caught up in the next storyline that I wouldn’t want that one to end. Oh well the problems of reading fiction. 🙂
I know that if you liked Susan’s other books you will love this one. If you haven’t read them all yet contact me at the store and I can see if we carry it or if it is one of her out of print books let me know and I can see if our used book department has a copy. To let you know how good her books are, our used books doesn’t get many copies of her books, which means people/libraries hang on to them until they are gone.
Happy Reading


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