Aliison Pittman

Dear Readers.

For Time and Eternity by Allison Pittman is not a book I would have picked up on my own. It’s cover isn’t all that exciting and the subject isn’t one that interested me. It is set in the mid-1800’s and is about the Mormon movement west. Having read the back as a precurser to reading it, it made me think of a couple different books that I had heard about or just read on this topic. But Gary my rep from Tyndale sent me a copy and I agreed to read it. I just didn’t get it read before it released.

The main story in this book is Camille and how she feels the Mormon church really lets her down. She falls in love with Nathan and runs away from home to marry him. He belongs to a group that sounds a lot like the church that her family belongs to. They sing the same songs and know all the same Bible stories. So she
doesn’t understand why the people in her church are afraid of them, don’t they all worship the same God?

When Camille finds out the church is telling Nathan it is time to take a second wife, she rebells. She sees it as the ultimate betrayal, by her husband but also her church. It is what drives her back to her Bible and to reading it to her two daughters. What she finds in between the pages changes everything for her. It makes her realize the difference between true Christianity and Mormonism.

I found this book very interesting and actually a hard read. It is not a ‘happy’ book by any stretch of the imagination. It is a story of a woman caught in a horrible and almost abusive relationship. A relationship that is encouraged by her church, which should be a safe place, not one that points fingers and finds fault in others. There is one scene in the church where the leader asked the congregation if there is anyone that hasn’t been baptized yet. The people are not encouraged to confess for themselves but to tell if someone else is the one to blame. Yikes! I can’t imagine going to a church that would ask me to ‘tattle-tale’ on someone else.

So this was a good read and it was a good reminder of what grace is all about.
Happy Reading


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