T.L. Hines

Dear Readers,
Author T.L. Hines for me has been the go-to author when I need something that is not easily explaine.d. His books are not only different, they are not ones you can put in a certian category. I could put them in horror, but they are not really scary. I could put them in fantasy, but they are not that either. Thriller might be about as close as I can get and yet that doesn’t really fit either as there is usually not a big mystery involved.

The Falling Away is T.L.’s newest and I read it over the weekend. I needed something very different to seperate me from the books I had been reading and to get away from having to bring my youngest to college. There was little or no emotional attachment for me to any of the characters, which usually makes for a difficult read for me. With this book it wasn’t a problem and that may have been because the storyline was interesting enough.Dylan is a chosen one or so he has been told by several people. First by his buddy in Iraq who was killed by a roadside bomb and now by this strange woman he just met. He has no idea why he is chosen or what that means, but he doesn’t believe them anyways. How can he be chosen for anything?

Quinn knows there is something special and ‘chosen’ about Dylan, even if he doesn’t. She is in a spiritual battle every day of her life. She is part of the Falling Away and her job is to keep an eye on a cult that has a demonic leader. Her job is to keep them from ‘infecting’ others and to keep any of the Chosen away from the compound.

See, now you understand why I have a terrible time button holing these books. They are good and interesting stories that don’t really follow the status quo. There was nothing really scary about the book, but it did make me think about the different things brought up in the book.

Happy Reading


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