Alice J. Wisler

Dear Readers,

Sometimes you go on a vacation and you just want to go back to visit all the time. The Outer Banks in North Carolina are like that for me. I have only been there once and yet I want to go back again. It is just one of those places where even though there are lots of houses and people it seems just a bit wild. The ocean was never still while we were there and there were many places that were made for walking and just wandering around in.

Hatteras Girls by Alice J. Wisler is set on the Outer Banks and that in and of itself made for a good read for me. Jackie has two dreams, one is to find a good man and the other is to become the owner of a beloved bed and breakfast that she and her sister used to visit when they were younger.

The Bailey Place is a local landmark, but since the owners moved and then passed away the house has fallen into disrepair. When Jackie meets the grandson and current owner of the Bailey Place she is sure God has started to answer her prayers as the grandson is also single. Maybe both prayers will be answered by one person.
I have liked all of Alice’s books that I have read. This is her third one and she is finding her niche in the fiction world. She writes delightful stories that are just nice to read. She is very good about making you want to visit the places she writes about. You will want to meet the characters and become friends. They make for great summer reads all year around.
Happy Reading


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