Liz Tolsma

Dear Readers,
Until a trial comes upon you, you will have no idea how you will react.  Those who fought in the Dutch resistance didn’t know that is what they would do, and those who didn’t fight also chose not to for some very good reasons.  In Snow on the Tulips Liz Tolsma gives us a peek at both reasons.  
No matter the reason they had, Liz presents both sides in a clear manner.  Now does that mean I agree with the reasons for or against, no.  I would even like to think I would have helped the resistance in any way I could have.  I am not sure how brave I would be. So until I am in the situation, hopefully never, will I be able to know what choice I will make. This book sure made me think about it in more ways than I had thought about it before.
Now I have mentioned before that my in-laws were involved in the Dutch resistance during the war and I am only learning the stories now.  Liz’s family has always known about the stories of their family’s involvement and the ‘legends’ that go along with it.  Some of those stories come out in this book.
Cornelia is just trying to live through the war.  The only thing she is doing that is illegal is keeping her younger brother hidden in her house.  She doesn’t try to ruffle any feathers, she doesn’t get involved and she surely doesn’t join any of the resistance activities as all of it would require her to have her heart challenged again.  That all changes when Johan brings home a wounded resistance worker and challenges her to get involved.
Anki’s husband Piet doesn’t get involved with anything to do with the resistance because he believes that God had told them to render on to Caesar that what is Caesar’s, even when that government is killing citizens for no reason other than being Jews.  Anki isn’t going out on missions, only helping her family, but it is causing trouble in her marriage.  Who is right?
One of the things that this book challenged me to think about is who would I be, Anki, Piet or Cornelia.  Each one is doing what they think is right to survive a war that none of them asked to be involved in.  None of the choices are easy to make. Turning out a fellow human to his death is not something any of us have dealt with, but Cornelia did.  It meant a threat to her and her brother.  When Anki got involved it put her and her husband at risk.  What would you do?  I am still not sure.
Happy Reading

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