New Release – The Road to Testament – Eva Marie Everson

Dear Readers,

When I first saw Eva’s name on her newest release, The Road to Testament, I was glad to see it.  I had enjoyed many of her books, but I had forgotten how many until I looked at her list of titles.  She is an author that when you read her books and then put them down, it is like moving out of a beloved neighborhood after making fast friends.  It isn’t easy, but move on you must.

In the Road to Testament we meet Ashlynne Rothschild who is learning her reporter chops at a small little newspaper in Testament North Carolina.  She plans on not becoming attached to the people of the town, but in-spite her best efforts she finds herself liking them. 

When Ashlynne finds a secret about the town, a secret long buried, she is torn between leaving it alone or following her journalistic leanings.  On one hand she believes the truth should always get told, but in this case, telling the truth will hurt many of the folks she has come to love.

It is a dilemma that we all can face at one time or another.  A solution that doesn’t make you feel better no matter what you choose.  Eva is very good at giving you twist to her stories.  The answers are not always black and white, sometimes life contains a bit of gray.

Happy Reading,


4 thoughts on “New Release – The Road to Testament – Eva Marie Everson

  1. Thank you, Chris! I enjoyed writing The Road to Testament and am now offering “behind the scenes glimpses” into the REAL Testament, NC. You and your readers can check it out at:


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