Happy Anniversary

Dear Readers,

This is going to be a bit different.  It is not a review of a book or even really a review at all.

I wanted to take the time today to wish Baker Book House a Happy Anniversary.   The company is 75 years old this year and today at the store they are throwing a big party, by invite only. 

When I hear the story of why and how Herman Baker decided to start a book store it took a lot of faith and courage.   He stepped out in faith that he was doing the right thing and God blessed it.  He started in a small little store front that is now Brickroad Pizza on Weathly in East town Grand Rapids.  There were several growths that have finally moved them to their present locations in Ada and the East Paris Bookstore. 

Baker Book House

The past 17 years I have had the privilege to work for Baker.  My youngest daughter does not remember me working anywhere else in fact.  We have been through much together, some the company knows about, expansions and remodels, retirements of long time managers, and the closing of the beloved Holland store.  Others were more personal and yet the Baker company stood alongside me and my family as these events impacted our lives.   When my daughter fought cancer twice, time off was granted without any questions, a house fire brought not only spiritual support but also financial support. Marriages, deaths, illness and times of great happiness – births of three grandchildren come to mind.  The Baker family and the company they represent have supported me and my family.

To me that says more about a company than any great success, they walk their faith.  No matter who you are, big or small, rich or poor, the Baker company cares for and about you and for that I thank them and wish them a hearty Happy Anniversary and here’s to 75 more. 

Happy Reading,


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