New Release – Edwin – Edoardo Albert

Dear Readers.

It is time to travel back in time.  Lets head off to 625 B.C. England and find out what is happening to the monarchy of that time.  That is the greatest thing about reading fiction.  You can sit down and travel to a different time or place.  No packing required.

In the pages of Edwin by Edoardo Albert we find King Edwin who is exiled to Northumbria.  He has found the sanctuary in King Raedwald’s court.  He is not sure that he is as safe as he once thought as his friend faces the lure of riches to turn Edwin over to his enemies. 

As Edwin wonders about his fate he receives a strange prophecy that tells of him doing great things.  But will Edwin live long enough to fulfill the prophecy?

It is always fun to step through the pages into a high court and find out what it is like to run a country so long ago.  I love to be able to find out a little more about what life was like in a time that we know very little about.

Happy Reading,


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